This is the enchanted Blue Forest.

Sometimes a photo on Instagram can turn an anonymous place into a real phenomenon. That’s kinda what happened for this tiny belgian forest.

Indeed, close to Brussels, the Bois de Halle has discovered a new status thanks to its appearance of enchanted forest, all dressed in blue, which is viral on social medias. And over the years, it is from all over the world that walkers and photographers are coming to the point that the municipality of Halle was forced to take measures to make the experience pleasant while preserving the spectacle so fragile offered by these wild hyacinths.

When and how to visit the Hallerbos ?

It’s right now, from mid-April to the first days of May, that carpets of wild hyacinths give the Hallerbos its special color. 2 weeks, no more! That explains the current influx of visitors in the wood which, despite its 550 hectares, often seems very crowdy. The flowers actually emerge only in some areas that visitors can enjoy. So, we advise you not to come for some weekend walks and really visit the Hallerbos during the weekdays to avoid hordes of tourists. Early in the morning, the mist is flirting with the blue bells that subtly perfume the wood paths. At the end of the day, the last rays of the sun sneak between tree trunks and it is, in our opinion, the best time to take pictures. From a practical point of view, the surroundings of the wood are gradually being adapted but it is still « difficult » to access by car. There are some car parks at the main entrances but the public transport is reinforced for the event, it is better to use them: From Halle’s train station, from Sunday 14 April to Sunday 6 May 2018 included, an additional temporary stop is installed on the Hallerbossstraat for the bus line 155. There is also a permanent stop on the bus line 114, Halle Vlasmarkt, west of Hallerbos. The complete transports information is available on the official Hallerbos website.

Where to take the most beautiful pictures?

From parking 8, the flower beds are visible almost getting off the car but the real treasures are hidden a little further… If we talk about the parking 8, it is simply because it’s the closest to the large and most beautiful hyacinths areas and it is the starting point of a walk that allows you to discover the trails that photographers enjoy. The Vlamsmarktdreef will lead you to the entrance of a path where the true atmosphere of the Hallerbos begins to be felt. The flat paths will take you little by little on some more hilly courses and it is by sinking into the wood that the magic really operates.

Some rules to follow.

As their name suggests, the hyacinths of Hallerbos – as elsewhere – are wild. The ecosystem is fragile and some rules must be respected to enjoy the show in the following years. Wood managers insist that it is forbidden to pick hyacinths and walk through flower mats because dead plants won’t show up again the next year. Despite this, some photographers do not hesitate to break the rule and wander unscrupulously with their model in the middle of flowering areas for some very egocentric shootings… Dogs are welcome but must be on a leash. Cyclists are invited to follow marked routes indicated by specific signs. In other words, stay on the paths and enjoy the show without trying to be part of it! You can download all the walks here and below, we give you the map of the 2018 edition. A hint for the most beautiful walks, the purple was not chosen by chance to color the 5.1km route.

Well, you know everything you need to know to enjoy this very ephemeral show that attracts thousands of visitors each year, sometimes coming from far away! Feel free to come say hello on Instagram and Facebook and subscribe to the blog !

See ya !