Walk like a parisian and discover Montmartre on early morning.

Today, we introduce you the first part of a series of posts that we named “walk like a parisian“.

If Cecile’s beloved city is London, mine is undoubtedly Paris! Under a blazing sun or a heavy rain, from dawn to dusk, as a tourist or resident, my love for Paris has always been an unshakeable fidelity! And even if the French capital shines during all seasons, it’s summer that enchants me the most. That time of year does not necessarily rhyme with waves of tourists and crowded sidewalks… Once school holidays have arrived, many Parisians are hurrying on the roads towards Brittany, southern France and beyond. What about tourists ? they will be agglutinated at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, sprawling on the steps of the Butte Montmartre or stucked on the forecourt of Notre Dame at noon…

It’s all about Paris, its hidden gem and the stuff we like to do when we hang out in Julien’s favorite city. Let’s start with an early morning walk in Montmartre! A must-see to revisit through the following lines of this article or by watching our short video shot last summer. Also, have a look at our interactive map to plan your own itinerary.

Many paths are available to discover Montmartre but will quickly become the playground of tourists. This is why Montmartre has to be visited during the early morning hours. At that time, the terraces are still frequented by locals, the florists are still filling the green sidewalk and the delicious smell of fresh bread will spread around… After a breakfast in the very romantic garden of Hotel Amour or just a sweet pastry from Maison Delmontel a few doors away, it’s time to walk through the Rue des Martyrs animated by the water coming up from the sewers {typical in Paris}. Then, let’s go Place Pigalle through Rue Victor Massé and Rue Crochet. Music lovers will appreciate the many shops specialized in instruments of all kinds, while others will prefer the atmosphere of some bars where young people (-18) are not invited…

Little anecdote, sometimes Julien passes the door of some residences of the district because some of the entrance halls are real architectural gems. You can’t pass by these gems without taking pictures of them, which will not please the guardian 😉

The Boulevard de Clichy followed by Rue Coustou takes us to Rue Lepic where the famous café Les deux moulins opens its doors. Magnified in the film The fabulous destiny of Amélie Poulain, you won’t find the mythical tobacco counter anymore and the charm fades away once the loud noise replaces the nice music of Yann Tiersen… The neighborhood is full of good addresses ranging from l’Épicerie du Terroir {26 Rue Lepic} to the tattoo salon Bleu Noir {25 Rue Durantin} and the charming little restaurant La Boite aux Lettres {108 Rue Lepic}. Have the pleasure of strolling in the district but don’t forget to join the Place Dalida where you will certainly immortalize the silhouette of the Sacré Coeur which is outlined over the roofs of the Rue de l’Abreuvoir as well as the facade of La Maison Rose, all up. Then, at the end of Rue Saint Vincent, a stop at the Square Marcel Bleustein Blanchet is essential! Totally neglected by tourists, the Square offers an unusual view of the glittering basilica. The walk continues Rue du Cardinal Guibert along the Sacré Coeur before descending the Butte Montmartre. Let’s prefer the stairs to the funicular to finish this morning walk !

If you want to prolong the pleasure, make a hook by the Montmartre cemetery. Part of it is overlooked by Rue Caulincourt which gives it an almost surreal atmosphere. It is unusual for souls to rest in peace under a metal bridge…

To discover other Parisian walks, click on our google map, watch the video and Let’s have a look at our favorite addresses.
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