The Swiss Grand Tour, first stop at Oeschinensee !

Hi Internet ! W’re back from our Swiss Grand Tour and we have tons of great things to show you !

But instead of writing about our two road trippin’ weeks in one single post, we decided to share our memories through small stories and focus on spots that we loved the most… First one of the list, the almost unpronounceable Oeschinensee in Kandersteg, a small town in the canton of Bern.

Easy access to a blue lake

If like us you aren’t an experienced hiker but you enjoy some rocky paths through the mountains, this spot is for you! The lake is easily accessible by gondola where the departure station offers all the necessary facilities to climb with peace of mind ( parks for cars, bicycles, camping cars, etc …). It will cost you 20CHF (± 17 €) for one way and 28CHF (24 €) for the return trip. The car park is rated at 5CHF per day. It is obviously possible to climb to the lake by foot but the slope is often rough and the ride is not always fantastic. Personally, we opted for the gondola up ride and walking back down the next day. Yes, we strongly advise you to spend the night up there because during the day, the lake is very popular with tourists and locals. Suddenly, the place loses some of its charm and it is finally at the end of the day, early evening but especially in the morning that we enjoyed it the most! It was at Berg Hotel Oeschinensee that we left our bagpacks. A typical mountain establishment where a night in a double room costs between 140 and 160CHF (± 120/140 €) breakfast included. A budget when you know that the showers are common and the bedding pretty basic…
But waking up with the sound of bells that the cows are ringing under your window at 6am, it’s priceless!

Slides, hiking or boat trip, it’s up to you !

Kandersteg is a small ski resort, activities are not lacking. Once arrived at the « top », most tourists far from being equipped to make a long hike will not go further than the toboggan track located at the exit of the cable car station. A must do, really! However, the main reason of the trip is the lake, where visitors come to enjoy refreshing water and small « wild » barbecues next to the cows lying on the rocky beach. For the more athletics, the hiking trails abound and you can spend long days on the trails. However, do not take them lightly and we advise you to provide adequate equipment. The ankles of Cecile can tell  . In the evening, while there was only the distant sound of waterfalls to remind us of the scenery disappeared in the dark, we ended the day sitting around a fire difficult to keep awake before we got back to the hotel.

The next morning, before breakfast, Ju wandered alone to shoot some pictures while the place was tourist free. This is also the best time to enjoy the atmosphere that emerges from the mountain. 1600m, it is not the Everest yet but you feel very alone and tiny in the middle of the gigantic rocks… After breakfast, we slammed 15CHF (± 13 €) for 30 minutes of rowboat on the turquoise waters. Fare away, a bunch of waterfalls seems inaccessible if not by sea and we were determined to approach them! More than an hour will have finally been needed to go flirt with these falls and bring the boat back but the effort worth it, we shot great pics!

Oeschinensee, a must see !

If you plan to drive the Swiss roads or visit Switzerland in any other ways, Oeschinensee must appear on your to do list! Not only because the site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, not only because people consider it as one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland, but simply because it has many conditions to be a must see: Its easy access, the many hikes possibilities, the activities proposed in the neighborhoods but especially the beauty and the gigantism of the place! We’ve been visiting Switzerland for a few years now but this spot is definitely part of our top 3!

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Julien & Cecile.