We are travel enthusiasts from Brussels who have an intimate relationship with London, Paris and New York…

With this travel blog, we’d like to share with you our favorite addresses all around the world, give you some advices or just telling you stories about the places we like(d). We also have our own way to travel, trying to explore in depth the cities we love rather than quickly go from one to another. That’s why you’ll read a lot about New York, London and Paris aswell about – among others – Barcelona, Copenhagen, or beloved hometown Brussels, all with more diverse posts like how to prepare a road trip or how to plan a one month trip in the USA

As we both have jobs, we don’t always have the possibility to travel as much as we’d like to… But the good point is that travelling never turns into some kind of routine and we live each trip 200%.

We hope you’ll have fun and catch some good tips by reading BxTrippers and we’d be glad to see you following us here or on Instagram and Facebook 🙂